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  • A young green olive with hues ranging from straw-colored to light, golden green.
  • First, olives are alkaline treated to reduce their bitter compounds.
  • Cured in a natural sea salt brine
  • This famous Greek olive is plump with a meaty bite and tremendous fruity, briny, buttery and pleasantly sour flavor.
  • Ready to serve or snack paired up with other Mediterranean antipasti like sun-dried tomatoes, feta, blue cheese and almonds. Try them pitted and stuffed for an easy but elegant appetizer idea.

Greek Green Olives

  • The Greek Halkidiki (Hal-KEE-dah-kee) olive is fun to say, but even better to eat! Originating in the region of its same name, this beloved olive shares its birthplace with famous philosopher, Aristotle. The Halkidiki is grown and harvested on the Halkidiki Peninsula of Northern Greece, a land with a unique climate and soil characteristics.

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